Interpol anti-hacker agents to attend Trend Micro cyber boot camp

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Interpol has officially partnered with security firm Trend Micro to benefit from its tools and expertise in the ongoing war against cyber crime.

The partnership will see Interpol and Trend Micro establish a new Global Complex for Innovation (IGCI). The centre is planned to open in Singapore in 2014 and will work to increase international cooperation between the public and private sector. Trend Micro will oversee the centre and use it to run free training programs for Interpol, government agencies, police forces and major companies that manage basic infrastructure in participating countries. A Trend Micro spokeswoman confirmed to V3 the agreement is entirely voluntary and Trend is not being paid for its participation.

The training will teach the agencies and companies best practices to address emerging digital crime at the national and international level. The lessons will be taught as e-learning modules, classroom-based training sessions, workshops and grant professional certifications to those that pass.

The centre’s launch is one of many initiatives designed to increase information sharing between the public and private sector. The European Commission listed cyber threat information as a key part of its ongoing Cyber Strategy. Within the UK, the government recently launched its ownCyber Security Information Sharing Partnership (CISP). The partnership is similarly designed to facilitate cyber threat information sharing between the public and private sector and already has at least 160 major companies participating in it.

Both centres are designed to help governments and industry deal with the increased cyber threat facing them and follow widespread warnings that cyber criminals are evolving new and more dangerous cyber attack toolsand strategies. Most recently ex-FBI agent and current Kroll Cyber Investigations managing director Timothy Ryan told V3 businesses need to improve threat alert systems to deal with the next wave of state and lone-wolf data-destroyer hackers targeting them.




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