Khalifa University hosts forum on cyber-security with Defense Services Marketing Council


Khalifa University announced that it held recently a forum, in conjunction with the Defense Services Marketing Council (DSMC), which was designed to engage and educate the defense, space and security, public and private sectors, with the goal of raising awareness about cyber-security and increasing the resiliency of the nation in the event of a cyber-incident.

The event was held in Khalifa University’s Cyber Operations Centre of Excellence on their Abu Dhabi campus, and included faculty, industry leaders and select students.

The focus of the event was on cyber-security education, specifically, developing a cyber-security culture, the effect of education at various levels and how to encourage a cyber-culture from “cradle to grave,” can we move fast enough to meet the developing cyber threats, locally here in the UAEand globally? What educational programs are there already in place and what’s being developed, or should be included, in any country’s cyber education strategy? Does the profile of a cyber-attacker(s) give us clues on how we should educate the future generations?

“Events like this one represent an important opportunity for industry and cyber-security leaders to get together to discuss the latest developments in the field, and most importantly, the way to communicate these developments to students, governments and industry,” said Dr. Mohammed Al Mualla, Senior Vice President for Research and Development at Khalifa University.

“Cyber security is a hot button issue in the UAE, and the rest of the world, and Khalifa University is proud to boast a Master’s in Information Security program that is in line with Abu Dhabi’s 2030 Vision. We believe that we are creating the cyber-security leaders of the future, and fueling important research, developments and discussions that will impact the study of cyber-security the world over,” he added.




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