Hackers hit Club Nintendo


Hackers broke into a website of Japan-based gaming company Nintendo, and may have compromised the data of several Japan-based members of its Club Nintendo, a gamer-oriented site reported.
Nintendo said it noted some 23,000 unauthorized log-ins with 15 million attempts between June 9 and July 4 on Club Nintendo’s Japanese site, Kotaku.com reported.
“In Japan, it’s possible that Club Nintendo members’ full names, home addresses, phone numbers, and mail addresses were compromised,” it said.
However, it said credit cards may not be an issue since these are not used with Club Nintendo.
For now, it said Nintendo is strengthening its security, voiding current passwords and asking Club Nintendo members to change their passwords via email.
Club Nintendo is Nintendo’s member rewards site, which offers products in exchange for members registering their consoles and games.
A separate report on The Next Web said Nintendo started an investigation on July 2 after noting a “large” number of errors on the site.
It added there is “absolutely no chance” of any credit or debit card information being leaked as part of the breach.
“Players can only redeem prizes based on the points they receive for each registered game or console, somewhat reducing the impact of the hack,” it said.



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