Non-profit warns of possible security breach after Missoula break-in

87296C6EA51EECDBB6F8FE406F620D30_292_292MISSOULA – Leaders of the Hospice Care Foundation are warning their clients and donors to be watching for a possible security breach, after thieves steal a laptop during an office break-in.

Staff arrived at the foundation office’s Monday morning to discover thieves had forced their way through the door by breaking the lock free, apparently using a board that had been left nearby during some renovations.

Once inside, the burglars rifled through drawers, took some prescription medicine and a laptop off one of the desks.

What has the foundation baffled is how the thieves made entry to an interior office which is usually locked at the street level, and left many valuables, including other computers untouched.

The stolen laptop is password protected, but contained some records pertaining to donations, and an upcoming fundraising event. The foundation is working to secure the information, but warns people to be cautious if they get a suspicious phone call this week…

“But if somebody does call from the Hospice Care Foundation and says ]hey, we’d like to hit you up for a donation,’ please don’t answer them. For the next few days don’t make any online donations through our website, through Paypal. None of that was breached but we will not be doing that. We will be doing cleanup. We want to make sure that people call us at our office or stop by our offices,” Hospice Care Foundation CEO Kevi Berger said.

Missoula Police are investigating the break-in.



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