Detective: Pham suspect Googled her name repeatedly after murder

179080539FAIRFAX, Va. (WUSA9) — In the months and years following the day he killed Vanessa Pham, a detective says Julio Blanco Garcia searched the internet for news about what he had done.

Fairfax County computer forensics detective Jason Friedman searched data on the two computers found in Blanco Garcia’s apartment. After the June 27th murder, while police had no leads and the mystery dragged on, Friedman says Blanco Garcia Googled his victim’s name over and over.

The defendant also searched for information about drugs, including PCP, the drug he says he was on when he killed Pham.

The jury also heard from Forensic Scientist Nathan Himes who found Blanco Garcia’s fingerprint on the knife used to kill Pham.  The knife was found in Pham’s car where she was killed.

Tuesday, a detective showed the court a bloodstained black shirt that had slits indicating where she had been stabbed. Dr. Wayne Williams, the medical examiner who performed the autopsy on Pham’s body, explained in detail the 13 stab and slice wounds she received to her body. He told jurors that not one wound was fatal. Pham died from blood loss from deep wounds to her chest, lungs and neck. She also has numerous defense wounds on her hands and legs.

Blanco Garcia has admitted to stabbing Pham to death three years ago, say authorities. A videotaped statement in which Blanco Garcia confesses the crime is scheduled to be played in a few hours.
His defense is asking for less than a first-degree murder conviction, alleging that he did not plan to commit murder and was hallucinating on PCP at the time.



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