Elite global hackers come together at SyScan360 in Beijing

0a12c_5BEIJING, China – Following the completion of DEFCON, one of the world’s largest annual hacking conventions, top information security professionals are anxiously preparing for the next major Internet security event, SyScan360, which will be held in Beijing on September 24, 2013.

The Symposium on Security for Asia Network, or SyScan, is one of the best known Internet security conferences in Asia and has held over 20 successful events since 2004. The goal of SyScan is not to promote any single brand or product, but to provide a forum through which the world’s top hacking and cyber-security talent can come together to share knowledge and information. Events focus on the latest information on security and technology, which has helped make SyScan conferences some of the most recognized events in the cyber-security industry, with a dedicated following among leaders in the worldwide hacking community.

In October 2012, SyScan, in conjunction with leading Internet security company Qihoo 360, held the first SyScan360 conference in Beijing, which achieved great success and attracted significant worldwide attention.

In the time since the first SyScan360 event, and with the rapid growth of mobile Internet technology, the application of massive data and the effect of the PRISM scandal, information security has gained unprecedented attention on the global stage. In light of these and other recent events, system security on mobile devices is expected to be a key topic at the upcoming 2013 SyScan360 conference. Stefan Esser (i0n1c), a German hacker known as the “iOS jail breaker”, as well as Asian security professionals pLL and Hao Xu, will share their unique insights on cutting-edge technologies for iOS and Android platforms. Mr. Esser’s presentation is attracting particular attention, as he has chosen SyScan360 as the venue to make his return after a brief retirement, taking the stage for the first time in two years, just one week before the highly anticipated launch of Apple’s iOS7.

Additionally, freelance security researcher Jonathan Brossard, creator of the powerful Rakshasa hardware backdoor, will be at the conference to introduce his new concept based on the Katsuni Theorem and its applications to sandboxing and software emulation.

Other confirmed presenters include Jason Shirk, one of Microsoft’s top privacy and security executives; Dr. Bradley Schatz from Queensland University of Technology; Wayne Yan, an independent security researcher; Paul Craig, an expert in Asian information security; Pedro Vilaca and Nguyen Anh Quynh, two senior security researchers of COSEINC; Yu Wang, a security engineer from Qihoo 360; Instruder, an experienced security researcher in APT, and other renowned global security experts.

The goal of SyScan360 is to build a broad communication platform where the best security experts in a variety of segments can come together and share their research, discoveries and experience with security enthusiasts in Asia and throughout the world. To date, eleven advanced technology topics have been announced for the upcoming SyScan360 2013, with more on the way. Attendance at this year’s event is expected to be in the thousands.

Source: http://www.eturbonews.com/37245/elite-global-hackers-come-together-syscan360-beijing

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