Tina Fey needs your help finding her allegedly stolen laptop

Fey said the computer had some of her jokes and ideas on it, but didn’t expect the police would look hard for the device.Whenever I go to New York, I hear jokes that I’ve heard somewhere before.

Yes, New Yorkers try to make them sound new. Somehow, though, there’s that retreaded quality, not dissimilar to that of many Californian faces.

Tina Fey is concerned that someone in New York has decided to find a novel way of telling a new joke.

For, in a troubled appearance on Wednesday’s “Late Show With David Letterman,” she revealed surveillance footage that appeared to show her laptop being stolen by an unknown intruder.

She claimed that her team, having moved to an office in Manhattan, had gone downstairs to sign some important papers for a delivery.

Casting a shadow upon a member of the delivery crew, she said one of her laptops “with all of my ideas on it” was stolen.

Yes, somewhere out there may be new jokes for New Yorkers to tell.

“It wasn’t Jay Leno, was it?” Letterman asked, deeply concerned.

The footage shows a man wandering about her empty office and emerging with what appears to be a slim laptop tucked into a manila envelope.

Of course, this footage in itself might be one big joke. However, Fey insists she went to the police. They, as Letterman mused, don’t currently have a Joke Squad.

The broadcasting of this tape was imperfect for, as Fey herself mentioned, the currentCBS/Time Warner Cable dispute means that few Manhattanites will have seen it.

I know, though, that many forthright, occasionally original Manhattanites read these pages.

So can you shed light on who this intruder might be?

The future of original humor might depend on it.

Source: http://news.cnet.com/8301-17852_3-57599732-71/tina-fey-needs-your-help-finding-her-allegedly-stolen-laptop/


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