Adware and spyware: learn more about adware and spyware

download (11)While spyware and adware are technically not viruses, these two malicious programs are a growing concern amongst internet users. With the advancements in technology, at least three quarter of the world’s population depend on the internet for leisure, business and information. This makes it hard for users to protect their computers and networks free from adware and spyware. These programs can invade the user’s privacy and install malicious codes in the system that can cause serious functionality issues.

Understanding adware and spyware

Adware – these are legitimate programs that are offered to internet users who are not willing to purchase software. It is possible to get adware in the form of freeware such as games, programs or utilities. There are some freeware that can block its functions and features and ask the user to pay for them to be able to use them. Today, there is numerous software developers who offer programs referred to as sponsored freeware until the user agrees to pay. The problem with these adware programs is that they are used for promotional purposes. Once installed they will display pop-up ads and will at times redirect searches to promotional websites. This is why it is referred to as unwanted.

Spyware – these are free internet products that come embedded with trackers. This keeps track of your online activities. The information is sent to its provider. The providers will use the information to offer you advertisements related to your current web searches. In some extreme cases cybercriminals create spyware programs to gain access to user private information. This can lead to identity theft or financial fraud.


It is important to get rid of adware and spyware if you do to need it or if you suspect it is conducting malicious activities on your system.

How to remove adware and spyware

It is possible to get rid of adware and spyware using removal program. You can use SpyBot Search to remove the spyware and you can use Destroy and Ad-aware to remove adware programs.


You can download these programs from the internet and run them in your system. This will completely remove any spyware and adware program. that may be in your system.




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