Trolls hack Facebook page dedicated to tradie Nicholas Mackenzie

467338-nicholas-mackenzieA FACEBOOK page dedicated to the memory of a tradie who was killed at work has been hacked by crude internet trolls with links to the Ku Klux Klan.

Nicholas Mackenzie, 21, plunged eight metres to his death on a Caulfield South building site last week.

Almost 1400 people signed up to the ‘In Loving Memory of Nicholas Mackenzie’ Facebook page that was set up, leaving loving tributes in memory of the popular apprentice.

But the page was hacked on the weekend with several rude posts that have left Mr Mackenzie’s family and friends fuming.

Several comments attacked the trolls, including Lauren Hunter, who said whoever hacked the page was a ”heartless prick”.

”Get a life instead of posting disrespectful things about a tragic accident,” she said.

”Have some respect and decency toward other human beings.”

The hackers, who identified themselves as Bill Waggoner Crew and Jarred Hensley have posted gruesome pictures on other tribute websites, inlcuding several other Australians.

Hensley, 28, a senior member of the racist Ku Klux Klan in Cincinnati, Ohio, has been reported to authorities before, but Australian officials are powerless to stop him.

Instead, they rely on Facebook and other social network sites to remove his graphic and taunting posts.

The hackers have been reported to Facebook.



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