Study Finds 79% Of Malware Targets Android Devices, 0.7% For iOs

malwareWhen it comes to malware on our mobile devices, malware on Android seems to be making the news more often than not, and according to a study conducted by the US government and published on Public Intelligence has found that 79% of malware threats were targeted at Android, while iOS 7 was only at 0.7%, a relatively low figure. The study was conducted by gathering data from back in 2012 and targeted the police, fire, and emergency personnel. For those interested in reading the report, it goes on to share tips and pointers on how to avoid getting infected, such as avoiding scams from SMS messages as well as steering clear of fake apps. While Android might be more targeted by malware, this is not to say that iOS is completely malware free, as it was just recently that researchers managed to slip a malicious app into the iTunes App Store due to Apple’s app review process not being as thorough as it should. In any case like we’ve said in the past, downloading apps, especially from third-party app stores, should be done cautiously, and it never hurts to read the reviews and check out the ratings first before making your decision.:


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