APWG conference launches second decade of leading global confrontation against cybercrime

bildeProgram discussions will include the present and emergent threat of targeted phishing against key personnel Crimeware’s evolution against all consumer technologies

News | by CIOL Bureau

CAMBRIDGE, USA: Global cybercrime-fighting association APWG is hosting its eCrime 2013 members meeting and research conference in San Francisco next month to launch its second decade of leading the global engagement with cybercrime, assembling commercial leaders from multinational technology and financial services companies, government and law enforcement agencies and industrial and academic researchers from around the world to update the global agenda for the long-term containment of the cybercrime scourge.

eCrime 2013 combines: the APWG’s general members meeting for confidential member discussion; the peer-reviewed eCrime Researchers Summit for research papers; and the ICANN Security, Stability, and Resiliency Update for expert examination of managing the special security risks that attend the management of the DNS. The program’s sessions cover every aspect of the dynamic cybercrime spectrum, from the latest crimeware technologies being thrown against consumer devices to data exchange protocols for cooperative response to cybercrime threats.

APWG Secretary General Peter Cassidy said, “Trading societies traditionally have cooperated to manage persistent threats such as weather, maritime piracy and communicable diseases. As the APWG enters its second decade, it is clear that cybercrime will join those persistent threats to which industry will have to provide vehicles for management of common and predictable risks. APWG’s role has never been clearer in establishing protocols of cybercrime event data exchange, propagating informed public awareness and directing public and industrial policies to globalize the response to cybercrime.”

Program discussions will include:

  • The present and emergent threat of targeted phishing against key personnel Crimeware’s evolution against all consumer technologies
  • Reporting botnet nodes between brandholders and hosts
  • Behavioral vulnerabilities of consumers exploited by cybercriminals
  • Cybercrime forensic tools and techniques for cybercrime responders and investigators
  • The development and growth of the eCrime economy Industrial and public policies related to cybercrime management and remediation
  • The roles of Registrars and Registries in managing electronic crimes that abuse the Domain Name System

The working agenda can be found here:

The registration page can be found here:

There is no registration fee for the ICANN security symposium. eCrime 2013 delegates attending APWG conference days are invited to participate in these sessions on Thursday.

The conference hotel reservation page is here:http://tinyurl.com/ljcmm8x


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