Security of govt websites inadequate, prone to hacking

Most of the government websites are vulnerable to cyber attacks and India needs about five lakh network security experts besides 60,000 cyber investigators to deal with cyber crimes, said Krishna Sastry, head of Fraud Management and Digital Security, Tata Consultancy Services.

Sastry was here to deliver lecture in the ongoing Advanced training programme in cyber crimes” organised by Police Radio Training School (PRTS) said that due to poor security measures a number of government websites are often hacked, the recent being ECL website in which the intruder had penetrated into the main server. The government websites need better network security measures like firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems.

“The major government websites are hacked on the occasion of Independence Day and December 6,” said Sastry.

He further said that the country is facing dearth of IT and cyber experts. We hardly have 500 network security experts against the requirement of five lakh to deal with network problems. He said that the common internet techniques used by the criminals includes steganography, ghosting, Pretty Good Privacy (PGP), dead dropping, free cloud servers, spam message, guerilla mail, IP Spoofing, cloud computing, etc. He explained the cyber investigators about these tricks used by criminals and advised them that they should never turn down the system recovered from a suspect or scene of crime.

“If the system is turned off, the important data in the RAM is lost. The hard disks seized and brought to forensic department often provides no significant data as compared to data recovered from RAM,” added Sastry.

Sastry gave tips to investigators of Madhya Pradesh police and said, “Police investigators need to update their knowledge to keep abreast with the criminals who use advance softwares and applications to commit crime.



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