Cyber crimes dipping in IT city? Numbers don’t say it all

Since its inception in 2001, the cyber police station in the IT capital has not managed to get a single conviction. And if the figures given by the station are anything to go by, cyber crime is on the decline from the last four years in the city, though it is on the rise in all other metros.

The cyber police station had registered 97 cases in 2009. The number dropped to 48 the next year and dropped to 35 in 2011. In 2013, till date, the station has registered 29 cases.

A senior police official said: “Nearly one-fourth of the cases registered are chargesheeted. Another quarter of the cases have B reports filed due to factual errors. The remaining half of the cases are undetected due to technical reasons.”

Cyber crime division SP D Roopa told Express: “It is true that the number of complaints at the cyber crime police station has come down, but the main reason for that is the lack of knowledge about the IT Act among people.”

Cyber crime station officials say that majority of the complaints are about obscenity and causing hurt through postings on social networking websites. Such cases reach a dead end because the servers of these websites are located abroad.

Sometimes, the problem is multiple users of a single electronic device. “There was a complaint by an NGO. A retired DGP came with a complaint saying that someone posted an objectionable comment claiming that the NGO members are corrupt. The FIR was registered and, upon investigation, we found that a laptop was used to post it. A team reached Kolkata only to find that the members of the same organisation had used  the laptop. The probe didn’t move further since several members had been using that laptop,” the official said.

The cyber crime police station has also been receiving complaints from corporates. These do not pertain to breach of cyber security, but are mostly against former employees.

“A Singapore-based company filed a complaint accusing two of its former employees of stealing data from its server and selling it to its competitor. Later, we found that the company had not been paying the employees and the latter had quit. The complainant never came back. The server was in Singapore, which is not our jurisdiction,” the official said.



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