US, Israel on hackers’ 9/11 cyber attack list

1886204Bangalore, Sept 11: Just as the United States prepares itself to mark the 9/11 anniversary, a fresh threat has been announced by hackers to bring down US and Israeli websites on Wednesday, the 12th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. The attack dubbed as #OpIsrael #Reborn is the latest entrant in the line of activists threat to the Western countries, who promise to paralyse the government. This comes in the light of the recent cyber attacks on the websites of The New York Times and the Washington Post, last month. However, the Syrian Electronic Army took credit for these two website attacks. The latest threat issued on September 2, in an online YouTube video, uses imges of the 9/11 attacks and pro-Palestinian visuals, that was posted by three hacker groups named Anonymous, Anon Ghost and Fallaga. The voice in the video says: “All hacker Muslims on September 11 join us,” followed another message: “Expect us on September 11.” Hackers threaten to launch cyber attack on 9/11 at US and Israel The hackers also refer to the previous #OpIsrael attacks in this threat, that were carried out earlier this year. Synchronised cyber attacks have been earlier reported this year when The New York Times and the Washington Post websites were hacked by hackers. Earlier government websites in Israel too were targeted, with the denial of service. Post 9/11 many such cyber attacks have been carried out which threw the government across the world into a tizzy.

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