TRA launches safety campaign

TRA launches safety campaign


Manama: Sept. 29 — (BNA)– The Kingdom of Bahrain’s Telecommunications Authority (TRA) has launched a media campaign to boost the safety of children over the internet in the Kingdom.
The Authority took this initiative in order to provide the necessary assistance to parents and educate them on how to benefit from aspects of the digital world and enable them to determine risks for which their children may be susceptible on the internet for the purpose of curbing such risks and attaining a safer and more responsible usage of modern technologies. The campaign includes advertising on various media networks including the social media. The Authority has launched a special campaign website:-

The TRA’s board of directors Chairman, Dr. Mohammed Ahmed Al-Aamer, during a press conference today said: “Although cybercrime does not constitute a major problem in Bahrain; however, we realize that specific segments in the community are vulnerable to risk more than other users and this led the Authority to consider this issue and take pre-emptive measures capable of preventing potential risks). (IY)


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