Former Plano student taken into custody after alleged threats

vines HS


PLANO, Texas — Parents and students at Plano Vines High School had an unsettling day as rumors of violent threats spread Monday morning on social media outlets across the Internet.

After hearing that a former student was taken into custody for making violent threats aimed at the school, parents searched for answers online.

On Facebook, parents asked, “What’s going on at Vines High School?” One response said, “A kid threatened to take out 50 today.”

Another parent described having a knot in her stomach and others worried about the possibility of related gang activity.

By mid-morning, district officials tried to separate fact from fiction by issuing this statement:

“A former student who allegedly made threats against the school last night via text messaging has been taken into custody by police … There are no indications that a threat exists for Vines students or staff.”

According to the statement, the former student made the threats Sunday night and was taken into Plano police custody at about 6 a.m. Monday.

However, by the time district officials issued the statement, word of the incident had already hit social media, sparking serious concerns. Word of the incident began to circulate online early Monday morning before school even started.

After official word was released, one upset parent said district officials should have sent some form of communication earlier so parents wouldn’t have to sort through rumors and inconsistent information.

Police did not disclose any additional information because the suspect is a juvenile.


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