Sheriff: Online threats from 14-year-old cancelled school’s homecoming dance



pine forest
ST. ROSE, La. – A 14-year-old from St. Rose, Louisiana is accused of terrorizing students at 
Some of the parents and officials at the school were so concerned, the past weekend’s homecoming dance was called off.

According to the St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office, the boy posted threatening comments on the educational social networking site Edmodo, over the weekend.

Department spokesman Captain Pat Yoes says the teen had no real connection to North Carolina or the school.

“It appears what he did, is he entered a chatroom, where students were and engaged in a conversation with them,” said Yoes. “From there, he went a little further and did a search for that school and found out names of students.”

Yoes say the teen used those names in a series of threatening posts.

“It appears that he engaged in a conversation and that conversation turned violent at some point where he was threatening people’s lives and actually using names of the students that he had found through Twitter.”

In one post, the teenager claimed he was bullied. He warned students, “You will feel the lead of my gun go through your heart on Monday.”

Trina Butler kept her son Bruce home from the Raleigh area high school on Monday.

He’s a freshman at Pine Forest.

“I don’t want to take that chance that I might not see my son anymore,” said Butler. “I just don’t want to take that chance.”

The teen’s threats also canceled the school’s home coming dance Saturday night. “What really gripped me most was the part he was naming people that picked on him and everything,” said Bruce Butler.

Authorities in North Carolina tracked down the teen through his Internet Protocol (IP) address. Tuesday, St. Charles deputies arrested the boy at his home and charged him on a warrant for terrorizing.

“His response was he wanted to see the type of reaction that he’d get from it and I don’t think this is quite the reaction he thought he would get,” said Yoes.

Deputies say this case is a cautionary tale for teenagers and their parents.

“It’s easy for people to think that there is some anonymity when it comes to posting things online,” said Yoes. “They’re sitting behind a monitor and a keyboard and they’re making comments they think won’t touch them and it really is not that hard to track down the IP address of people that are posting things on the internet.”

The suspect is now being held at the Assumption Juvenile Detention Center. A judge set his bond at $100,000.

“I feel really bad for that child and it’s sad,” said Trina Butler. “It’s sad because I guess he’s trying to reach out and he’s not being heard.”

The suspect is now expected to make his first court appearance on Thursday.


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