Seoul to host largest international gathering on cyberspace

Seoul to host largest international gathering on cyberspace


Around 1-thousand IT experts from more than 90 countries will gather in Seoul next week to discuss ways to tackle cyber crimes.
Under the theme of “Global Prosperity through an Open and Secure Cyberspace,” the Seoul Conference on Cyberspace 2013 will focus on six main issues: economic growth and development, socio-cultural benefits, cyber security, international security, cyber crime, and developing nations’ capacity building.
The organizing committee for the upcoming gathering says this year’s meeting will differ from previous meetings as it’s the first time that developing nations have been invited.
Ways to assist developing nations in building a secure Internet economy as well as offering digital support will be discussed.
The participants will also hold indepth talks on bolstering international cooperation in dealing with cyber terrorism that threatens national security, as cross-border disputes triggered by cyber attacks have become commonplace.
The annual conference is the third of its kind, with the previous meetings held in London and Budapest.
The British government founded the international forum in 2011 in an effort to seek common ground across countries on major issues related to cyberspace, such as cyber crime and the social benefits of the Internet.
On the last day of the meeting, the participants will adopt a so-called “Seoul Principle,” which will serve as a guideline for effectively dealing with the darker side of cyberspace.
Hwang Sung-hee, Arirang News.


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