Donkuk University professor calls for a ‘Next Generation Internet’ to stop the spread of cyber warfare.

Lee Jae-woo, Chair Professor of Dongguk University
Lee Jae-woo, Chair Professor of Dongguk University


SEOUL, KOREA – Professor Lee Jae-woo, founding member and first director of the Korea Information Security Agency (KISA), has been a major contributor to the information protection field with his lengthy experience and achievements.

Currently the chair professor at Dongguk University Graduate School of International Information, Professor Lee still energetically participates in many domestic and overseas activities filling in as the chairman of ISC2’s Asia Advisory Board and also of Korea’s Cyber Forensics Specialists Committee.

Looking back on his time as director of KISA, he expresses, “I believed that we had to construct the following four pillars in order to create a sustainable information protection environment. First, to promote the security industry, we must establish and implement the Korea Trusted Computer Security Criteria policy and found a Security Industry Committee. Second, in order to train security specialized human resources, we must fund and support each university to establish an information security department. Third, support the founding of a information security academy for the sake of research of security technology. Fourth, KISA should be in the middle of the change for the effective development between the organizations.” Professor Lee is very proud that successful implementations of these plans have set the foundation stone for the development of security in Korea.

Professor Lee was also lead person who globalized the level of Korea’s security level by first introducing the Certified Information System Auditor (CISA) and Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP). Lee was also the driving force behind ISC2’s Certified Cyber Forensics Professional (CCFP), an international license launched this past September.

Lee offers how to further develop a Global Cyber Security. “Develop a ‘Next Generation Internet’ that has considered security as soon as possible and operate it side by side with the Open Internet, form an international cooperation system to stop the spread of cyber warfare between nations, and regulation of international organizations of excessive licenses that do not meet standards.” Professor Lee also shows his strong will to not only increase the security of Korea, but also to enhance the cyber security of the international society.


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