Education is Critical During National Cyber Security Month

Education is Critical During National Cyber Security Month


Anchorage, Alaska – Oct. 14, 2013 – Better Business Bureau serving Alaska, Oregon and Western Washington has partnered with STOP.THINK.CONNECT.™ to promote the importance of cyber education. BBB believes that education is the foundation of internet safety, online security and ethical technology usage.

During October, BBB will be promoting National Cyber Security Awareness Month—NCSAM; the theme for the week of Oct. 14, 2013, is cyber education and workforce development. 

On Social Media:

  • Post NCSAM Buttons on Social Media Accounts: Let friends and family know October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month.

At Work and School:

  • Display Posters: Print posters to show in offices, schools, community centers or religious institutions.
  • Download the STOP. THINK. CONNECT. Online Safety Quiz: Test family, friends and/or students on their cyber savvy.
  • Incorporate Cyber Security into Lesson Plans: Educate kids about online safety through C-SAVE, a Cyber Security Awareness Volunteer Education program.

At Home:

  • Create Tip Sheets: Display STOP.THINK.CONNECT.™ worksheets near home computers and email tips to family and friends.
  • Have an Online Huddle: Hold family conferences and discuss strategies for fighting off cyber attacks and keeping home computers secure.

STOP.THINK.CONNECT.™ is a global cyber security awareness campaign that aims to build a workforce of cyber security professionals who are empowered to defend networks and combat cybercrime. BBB advises Internet users to Get Involved and take action during National Cyber Security Awareness Month.

Visit BBB’s Facebook page for more cyber security information.

Adam Harkness, Alaska Public Relations Manager & Social Media Manager: 907-644-5202 |

David Quinlan, Director of Public Relations: 206-676-4119


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