Bangla hackers deface Indian site

Bangla hackers deface Indian site


The main page of a website of the city-based National Institute for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises was defaced on Wednesday, allegedly by Bangladeshi hackers.

The web page, which was not repaired even late on Wednesday night, carried a message saying that the server was hacked into by a hacker code-named Acid Khan. The defaced site also warned the Border Security Force to stop violence on the Bangladesh border.

The message posted on the main page of the website said that the hacking was in retaliation to the hacking of a Bangladeshi website some time back.

“That’s just payback to Indian Haxor crew for hack to BD website. Think hundred times again before touching a single Bangladeshi site.”

The message further added, “And message to BSF: Stop killing and violence by BSF in Bangladeshi border.” Other pages of the website were intact and there was no loss of information nor had the web server been harmed. The NIMSME website is hosted by a private software company named RSoft India Private Limited.


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