Trader’s website hacked by extremists


Pam Davis from Elm Park.Who's website was hacked

A LOCAL shopkeeper is worried customers and residents will think she is a religious extremist after her business website was hacked. 
Pam Davis who owns Kardz and Balloons in Station Parade, Elm Park, was contacted by several people to tell her her website had been hacked.
The website was a blackened world map with blood smeared across it reading ‘I don’t forgive, I don’t forget’ and ‘praise Allah’.
Hundreds of customers visit Pam’s website each month which she paid £700.
Pam, 49, said: “I rang BT who did the website they told me it was nothing personal. These hackers do it just because they can.
“BT said unless I was willing to pay another £800 plus VAT then nothing could be done.
“I never knew this could happen. Paying that amount of money, I thought I would have got a safe website.”
Pam said she wanted to let more people know how frightening it is to get a website hacked and how easy it is.
She added: “Apparently, anyone who has a website can be hacked.
“I’ve lost my father recently, this is very upsetting, it was the last straw for me, particularly after BT said I could pay £100 for the website to be cleaned up, but that it could happen again or hundreds more for it to be re-built.”
BT said it would remove the page for £100 or build Pam another.
A spokesman said: “We have removed the unwanted page on the website and set the front page to a default screen.
“We are speaking to the customer about the best course of action to help protect her website and how she would like to proceed. We are also investigating the circumstances of this incident.”


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