McAfee Demonstrates the Cyber Attack Lifecycle at Gitex

McAfee Demonstrates the Cyber Attack Lifecycle at Gitex


McAfee, the global IT security company, has organized two workshops on Cyber Attack Lifecycle at Gitex 2013, to demonstrate the impact of cybercrime using real life case studies. The workshops were attended by executives from public and private sectors.


“An average of 3000 computers per week in the UAE connect to a bot-net, awaiting instructions to be used in an attack or information is stolen from these computers. We organize such workshops to raise awareness among all our stakeholders, customers and individuals on the best ways to keep their information safe from cyber attacks” said Hamed Diab, Regional Director – MENA of McAfee.

He added: ” The Middle east is witnessing an increase in cybercrimes targeting various sectors. We urge all government and private sectors to invest in best solutions to prevent and minimize the impact of attacks. To serve that matter, McAfee has recently launched its first Cyber Defense Center (CDC) in Dubai to offer incident response support, assessments and security education to customers across the EMEA region”.


The two workshops showcased the development of cyber attacks lifecycle and the latest methods used by cyber criminals to infiltrate the networks and information databases. The workshops also offered the best and latest preventive solutions against sometimes destructive cybercrimes. The aim of the workshops was to share McAfee’s experts’ knowledge and experience in the field of cybercrime and its prevention by means of incident response and post forensic practices.


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