LinkedIn unveils new iPad app with a fresh look, improved feed and better search




LinkedIn launched its first iPad app in April of 2012, and today the company has revealed its latest version for Apple slates. The new app’s changes revolve mostly around an improved feed interface. Aside from gaining a kind of card interface that’s all the rage in mobile UI design these days, the feed now incorporates influencer posts and photos and embedded videos can be viewed in all their glory in the feed. Interacting with individual posts (liking, sharing, etc.) can now all be done directly from the feed via a horizontal swipe within each post, which reveals your options for those interactions. Additionally, search function has improved, so now users can look for jobs, people, groups and companies from one convenient place. The app also brings new top-level navigation in the form of a horizontal scrolling carousel that houses personalized categories and items that populate based upon your usage. Sound good? The new app will be available later today in the App Store, but in the meantime, you can read more about it at the source.

Update: The revised app is available now, grab the update here.


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