Samsung offers free Galaxy phone repairs after attack by Chinese state media

Samsung offers free Galaxy phone repairs after attack by Chinese state media


Samsung has issued an apology to its customers in China after the country’s state broadcaster blasted the South Korean company’s warranty program in a televised report. CCTV reportedly accused Samsung of shipping faulty memory in its Galaxy Note II andGalaxy S III smartphones, with repairs falling outside the warranty and often costing owners over $100.

“We welcome the scrutiny by the media,” Samsung said in a statement translated by The Next Web. “As a result of management problems, we have brought inconveniences to consumers, and we offer our sincere apologies.” The company will offer free repairs to affected customers and offer refunds to those that have already paid for service.

Samsung isn’t the first tech company to face criticism in Chinese state media. Earlier this year the People’s Daily newspaper slammed Apple over its “empty and self-praising” attitude to warranty complaints, though it relented after CEO Tim Cook gave a public apology. China National Radio later singled out Microsoft’s Surface Pro for allegedly infringing the country’s warranty regulations.


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