Protect America, Inc. Releases Halloween Security Tips

Protect America, Inc. Releases Halloween Security Tips


Protect America, Inc. a home security think tank that focuses on wireless alarm systems and Smart Home products, has released its official security recommendations for homeowners celebrating Halloween this season.

The chaotic nature of Halloween can be an opportunity for a thief to strike. The company urges homeowners to lock and arm their homes when leaving the premises. Burglars need only 10 minutes on average to complete a robbery, so trick-or-treaters should secure their houses even when leaving for a walk around the neighborhood. Having a security system that is easy to arm (even from a mobile phone) is a powerful tool to combat burglary.

One in four people meet a neighbor for the first time on Halloween (according to research firm Harris Interactive).Protect America advises Americans to use Halloween as an opportunity to get to know their neighbors as they can be useful in keeping an eye on the neighborhood. Individuals who are more familiar with their neighbors are more likely to notice suspicious activity around their property.

The company also urges internet users to beware the “overshare”. Homeowners and renters alike should resist the urge to tweet the details of their Halloween plans or post them on other social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram. Social media-savvy burglars have been known to take advantage of homes when they know the owner is away.

The best defense against burglary is a quality home security system. Protect America offers affordable security solutions customizable to every home. Call 1-800-951-5190 to speak with a Protect America home security expert about a smart wireless alarm system or visit the Protect America website for more information.

About Protect America, Inc.

Protect America is an Austin, Texas-based provider of wireless home security systems that employs approximately 400 people. Since the company’s founding in 1992, Protect America has secured nearly 400,000 American homes.


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