Amazon Unveils New EC2 GPU Instances



Amazon Web Services Inc, an (AMZN) company introduced a new v instance for its EC2 cloud computing program. It is tailor-made to be used in applications that require 3D Graphics functionalities.

The newly-introduced instance will enable Amazon to deliver high-quality, customized 3D experiences irrespective of hardware performance and scalability. These G2 instances will aid in streaming of videos, video games and other applications on mobile phones and other devices.

Amazon also supports OTOY’s ORBX.js on these GPU instances. This is a downloadable HD code that allows one to stream 3D-intensive applications directly from the cloud with a browser only and hence, it eliminates the usage of any plug-ins or any other client-side software.

Streaming of games from the cloud has not been very popular so far and most of the companies attempting have had multiple issues that forced them to close shop. This capability, which is based on Intel and NVIDIA technology is likely to make game streaming easy.

So there could be changes to the gaming market over time. This new GPU instance will enable developers to create and provide engaging content on a browser in a totally device agnostic manner. It is expected to lower video creation costs by as much as 50%.

Amazon has gone on to become a veritable consumer electronics giant from being an Internet retailer initially. The company is planning to refresh its lineup of Kindle Fire tablets in the next few months. But Amazon might not stop there. If rumors are to be believed, the company has many more devices in the works, including a smartphone, an audio streaming device, and an Apple (AAPL) TV competitor.

Though Amazon’s hardware competes both with Apple and Google (GOOG), it’s much more destructive for the search giant. This is because Amazon has adopted Google’s Android operating system, but not Google Play.

Currently, Amazon has a Zacks Rank # 3 (Hold). A stock that appears to be an attractive investment option this season is Netflix Inc (NFLX) with a Zacks Rank #1 (Strong Buy).


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