Hackers Vow to Paralyze Australian Websites



Following the growing tension between Indonesian and Australia over the wiretapping for President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and his inner circle, several Indonesian hackers threatened to paralyze official Australian websites.

“I have no political interest but I do feel offended by the spying,” a 30-year-old hacker who called himself “Katahacker” told the Jakarta Globe on Thursday.

The IT practitioner claimed he had hacked 50 Australian websites including http://www.navy.gov.au, the website operated by the Royal Australian Navy, which went down for three hours. He also claimed to have hacked into a bank that manages military insurance.

The hacker said he decided to hack the websites because Australia has undermined Indonesia and its technology by wiretapping the president’s private phone.

“It shows the world how vulnerable our security protocol is,” he said adding that he would continue hacking important Australian websites. He said at least 30 fellow hackers have agreed to paralyze all Australian websites for 24 hours.

“I’m aiming to paralyze all Australian websites for one day,” he said adding that the operation will be known as #0dayidhackops

He said the hacking would continue if Australia did not stop its cyber attack on Indonesia within six days. He said he had sent an e-mail to Anonymous Australia to notify them about the threat.

“They only responded with curses and they thought I was joking,” he said.

Last week the websites of the Australian Federal Police and the Reserve Bank of Australia have been the victims of an apparent cyber attack by Indonesian hackers.

The federal police called the attack “irresponsible,” and said whoever was to blame could face prosecution.

Police officials said the site, which hosts no sensitive information, was operating when staff left work on Wednesday evening but it was down on Thursday morning.

The outage comes barely two weeks after activist group Anonymous Indonesia claimed responsibility for defacing more than 170 Australian websites to protest at reports of Canberra spying on its nearest neighbor and strategic ally.

Ties between the two countries have deteriorated after reports last week, based on documents leaked by US intelligence fugitive Edward Snowden, that Australia tried in 2009 to listen in on phone calls of Indonesia’s president, his wife and ministers.

The Guardian Australia reported that a member of Anonymous Indonesia, using the hashtag #IndonesianCyberArmy, had claimed responsibility for the latest attacks.

http://www.thejakartaglobe.com/news/hackers-vow-to-paralyze-australian-websites/est attacks.



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