India 14th most risky country for computer infection via Internet



India has been ranked 14th among the top 20 countries with the highest risk of computer infection via the Internet and the fifth most risk-prone country when it came to local infections, according to the security bulletin for a Russian cyber security laboratory.

Local threats try to penetrate a computer system through something other than the Internet, email, or network ports and include removable media connected to computers like USB flash drives, camera and phone memory cards, external hard drives.

In the past, Kaspersky had closely collaborated with India’s technical intelligence wing National Technical Research Organisation (NTRO) and other private cyber security experts in detecting and analysing the ‘Red October’ attack.
In terms of the mobile operating systems that are being targeted by malware, nothing has significantly changed in 2013 with Android devices still being the prime target attracting a whopping 98.05% of known malware, the bulletin said.

“If 2011 was the year when mobile malware gained traction, especially in Android-land, and 2012 was the year of mobile malware diversification, then 2013 saw mobile malware come of age,” the report said.

The statistics were based on data obtained from Kaspersky Lab products installed on users’ computers worldwide, obtained with full consent of the users.

In 2013, Kaspersky products neutralized 5,188,740,554 cyber-attacks on user computers and mobile devices. 45% of the web attacks neutralized were launched from malicious web resources located in the USA and Russia, the report added.

Top 20 countries with the highest risk of computer infection via Internet:

1. Azerbaijan
2. Kazakhstan
3. Armenia
4. Russia
5. Tajikistan
6. Vietnam
7. Moldova
8. Belarus
9. Ukraine
10. Kyrgyzstan
11. Sri Lanka
12. Austria
13. Germany
14. India.

Top five countries where users face the highest risk of local infection:

1. Vietnam
2. Bangladesh
3. Nepal
4. Mongolia
5. India


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