Muslim Group Hacks Israeli Army to Avenge Hezbollah Leader’s Death

muslim hacker
A group of Muslim hackers infiltrated the servers of the Israeli army and extracted top secret intelligence and military information, including the personal files of hundreds of army officers, forcing Tel Aviv to shut down its army servers.

The group which calls itself, the Islamic Cyber Resistance Group, said it has gained valuable intelligence in the hacking attack, named ‘Remember Hassan Lakkis Operation’.

The Muslim hackers said the personal files, including the job titles, passwords, file passwords, employer, postal addresses, E-mails, contact numbers, military codes, etc. of 2014 Israeli officers, are a small part of the information and intelligence it has extracted from the Israeli army. The personal files of these 2014 Israeli militaries can be downloaded from the hackers’ website. (You may also find a copy of the same files down this page.)

The group said the cyberattack has been conducted in retaliation for the assassination of the Lebanese Hezbollah leader, Hassan Hawlo Lakkis, who was assassinated in front of his home in St. Therese-Hadath on December 4, while he was on his way back from work.

“Be aware that, we, the Islamic Cyber Resistance Group, followers of Prophet Mohammad (S.A), have conducted an operation in the name of martyr Hassan Lakkis to revenge his assassination,” the group said in a statement released on its website.

The Lebanese Hezbollah movement took Israel and Al-Qaeda responsible for the terror operation.

“Israel is automatically held completely responsible for this heinous crime,” a Hezbollah statement said a day after Lakkis’s assassination, adding that Israel had already staged several assassination attempts on the life of Lakkis in various areas.

“This enemy should bear full responsibility and all consequences of this heinous crime, and this repeated targeting of dear resistance leaders and cadres,” the Hezbollah statement added.

The Islamic Cyber Resistance Group did not affiliate itself with Hezbollah or any other party or country, identifying itself as true Muslim believers who would not withdraw from the war on Israel.

The group warned that it takes the Israeli Mossad secret service and the Al-Qaeda responsible for the assassination of the Hezbollah leader, adding that the war on these two accomplices will rage on.

“This is a warning to you that the next operation would be much more damaging to you. We present this operation to his (Hassan Lakkis’) children (Ayah, Husain, Zeynab),” the group said in its statement.


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