Kenya: Regional ICT Ministers Converge in Kenya to Discuss Infrastructure, Cyber-Security and Digital Migration Issues



ICT ministers from Uganda, Rwanda and South Sudan are meeting in Nairobi to discuss the integration of ICT infrastructure in the East African region.

The meeting is expected to discuss among other issues the harmonization of policy regimes among the four countries that utilize especially fiber from Kenya among other crucial infrastructure. Other issues on the table include migration from analogue to digital migration with none of the countries having started the migration amid a global deadline that is growing nearer by the day.

The ministers will also talk about the growing threat of cybersecurity with some of the states yet to create a cybersecurity master plan as well broadband connectivity. SIM registration will also be discussed as the states seek greater control of ICT infrastructure and its usage with the growing threat of terrorism in the region especially from the Al Shabaab likely to feature after attacks in Kenya and Uganda in the past while Rwanda has also been hit by a spate of grenade attacks.

The ministers will also discuss the roaming charges issue with calls from Kenya having been subjected to new levies and taxes mid this year despite an earlier request by the East African Communications Organisation (EACO), who at a meeting in Nairobi earlier in the year discussed adopting a uniform policy regarding roaming and international call rates in the region.


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