Best Free Antivirus Protection Android Phones and Tablets



With the internet the risk for a virus corrupting your files can be high, even if you are extremely careful. This means that antivirus is the best protection you can offer your computer, and it is a smart choice to make. However, it may not be quite as well-known that your Android device needs antivirus as well. As more and more phones and other devices are becoming equipped with internet, and connected to Android, having antivirus protection on all your devices has never been more important.

The Best Protection

You want to know that all your files and information are safe, no matter where they are stored. You probably have the best rated antivirus on your computer to ensure that all your files and information are kept safe, and aren’t compromised by a virus. But that may not be the case with your phone or other devices. It’s just as important to ensure that you have the best protection on those devices as it is to ensure your computer is protected. And since most devices now come equipped with the internet, it is important to be sure that your Android equipped device is protected with the best Antivirus.

Google Play

You can search for many different apps for your Android device with Google Play, and antivirus is no different. Just as you can download antivirus to your computer, you can download it to your other devices as well, in the form of an app. It’s incredibly easy to find antivirus, even without paying. Free antivirus for Google Android isn’t difficult to find, and it’s an important layer of protection for any device that is connected to the internet.

Something Extra

While protecting your devices is very similar to protecting your regular computer, there are some extra things that go into the antivirus you install on your tablet or Android phone. Just as you can with your computer you can scan files for viruses, delete viruses, and be sure that your phone is protected. However, with free antivirus for an Android equipped device, you often get far more than simple virus protection. Some programs offer phone filtering, the ability to block calls and messages, Phone optimization, limiting programs that slow your phone, and even theft protection, the ability to find and control any missing device. While the internet you get on your device is much the same as the internet on your computer, your device comes with its own unique needs. The antivirus you get on your device should reflect that.

There are many free programs that provide antivirus for your Android equipped device. Most can be downloaded as simply as you would download an app, and are easily found in Google Play. Your phone, tablet, or other device holds a lot of important information about your life. It’s important to keep that information protected with an antivirus program, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your device is safe.


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