Crime Alert: Crooks Targeting Computer Users

computer fraud


Liz McCord can’t live without it. Where she goes her laptop follows. “I’m on it four and five times per day. I’ll take a break. Stay on 30 minutes,” said McCord. McCord is a prime target for a new kind of cybercrime. “They keep trying and trying until they get a success. It’s like fishing,” said certified fraud examiner Allan Bachman. They’re fishing for your finances. “I know that they do it and try to get money,” added McCord. Here’s how it works. The crook calls your house pretending to be a Microsoft computer technician. The undercover criminal claims you have a computer virus and offers to fix it. All they require is your credit card number. “They pray upon the gullibility of people. They strike a little bit of fear into them. They offer them a solution to that fear, and people are responsive to that,” added Bachman. Trusting Texans are giving up their personal information to fix a problem that doesn’t exit.  KEYE TV tried calling the phone number listed to one of these so-called technicians and the number was disconnected. If you get an unsolicited call experts recommend you hang up. “I’m certainly glad someone is shedding some light on this because there’s a lot of devious ways out there people can get your personal information,” said McCord. KEYE TV contacted Microsoft.  A spokesperson tells us they do not call customers. They only respond to inquiries made to them.

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