Rugged 3U VPX Ethernet switch for avionics, ships, and land sites introduced by PCI Systems



SUNNYVALE, Calif., 22 Dec. 2013. PCI Systems Inc. in Sunnyvale, Calif., is introducing the PCI_300.600 Iguana 3U VPX 26-port ruggedEthernet switch for aerospace and defense embedded computing applications inavionics, surface ships, submarines, and fixed sites.

The Iguana 3U OpenVPX L2 enterprise Ethernet switch is for differentiated services, security through intelligent frame processing, and egress frame manipulation.

The board offers high-performance stacking and 416 MHz CPU. Features include 24×1 Gigabit Ethernet ports with SGMII, 1000BASE-X SerDes; 2× 12-gigabit-per-second stacking ports or 2×10 Gigabit Ethernet XAUI ports supporting four-lane XAUI or two-lane VAUI; integrated 416 MHz MIPS CPU; and conduction cooling.

The switch board uses multistage TCAM technology (VCAP), delivers VLAN and QoS processing, and full management of a standalone switch as well as a stackable Ethernet switch.

The board is available with Amphenol Backplane Systems VITA 46 / 48 compliant VIPER VPX connectors. This is a ruggedized 10-gigabit-per-second connector, securing tomorrow’s most intensive land based, marine and avionics environmental packaging challenges.


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