Dasmariñas Village rewards security guards who blocked Binay convoy

Homeowners in Dasmariñas Village in Makati City have rewarded the four security guards who prevented Makati Mayor Junjun Binay’s convoy from passing through a restricted gate last month.
In a letter to the residents on Monday, posted on Twitter by a resident who requested anonymity, the Dasmariñas Board of Governors said the security guards “still continue their duty” and “have been given commendations and gifts from residents who have shown their support.”
The letter, signed by Dasmariñas Village Association president Jay Pantangco, further said the security guards were rewarded for “upholding and implementing” the village’s policies.
“DVA stands by the actions of our security guards, who in performing their duty, upheld DVA’s existing policy and procedure during the incident,” the letter read.

According to DVA rules, the Banyan Gate, where the confrontation happened, is closed after 10 p.m.

Despite that, video footage of the incident shows Binay and his aides went through the gate after a confrontation with security guards.

Police officers, who arrived within minutes, were seen on the video raising a metal boom that blocked passage through the gate. They also brought the security guards with them for “custodial questioning.”

Philippine Daily Inquirer report published last Thursday said Mayor Binay ordered the arrest of three security guards of the posh village last November 30 after they prevented his convoy from passing through the gate.
The report quoted Makati police chief Senior Superintendent Manuel Lukban as saying the three security guards were brought to the police headquarters “to verify if the permits of their firearms were in order.”
The report likewise said the agency that employed the guards “instructed” them to apologize to Mayor Binay.
Joey Salgado, Mayor Binay’s spokesman, earlier denied the security guards were arrested. He said they “volunteered to go to the police.”  Andreo Calonzo/JDS, GMA News

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