Target security breach affects local shopper



The security breach at all Target stores nationwide put 40 million shoppers at risk of fraud, and it’s already prompting tighter security for local customers.

Theresa Moore shops at Target all the time, so she knew she needed to be on high alert.

And apparently, her bank was too, because when she made some unusual transactions, they immediately froze her account.

The nationwide security breach at Target stores affected every shopper who swiped a card between Nov. 27 and Dec. 15, people like Moore who were enjoying the peak holiday shopping season.

Moore went shopping just a few days after Thanksgiving.

Then, just a few weeks later, “I stopped to get gas, and, when I went to use my card, it wouldn’t work.”

Moore had traveled to New York for some holiday shopping, and, when she was driving into Cleveland trying to buy some gas, she realized her bank, PNC, had frozen her account.

Immediately after her card was declined, her phone rang.

It was the bank.

“They wanted to verify that I had made those transactions. I was thankful they had done that,” says Moore.

Despite the inconvenience, Moore is grateful that her bank is closely monitoring her account.

But it’s not surprising when you take a look at what’s at stake nationally: 40 million credit and debit card numbers may have been compromised.

And that’s why Moore is also making sure the numbers on her bills are adding up.

“Each night, I look to see which transactions have posted to my account,” says Moore.

She also downloaded her bank’s app, so she can easily check those transactions on her phone.

Meanwhile, Target says all the security problems are now resolved, but they’re still trying to figure out exactly how it happened.


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