Wii U speed of a jailbreak solution and Nintendo



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The Vita, as all we know has all the homebrew it wants but it has not be pirated yet because the only leak in the system was actually shared with Sony by the hackers that figured it out.

Almost all the people who have homebrew capability with the Vita all say it’s impossible to pirate games on it anymore because of that leaking info, plus the way the Vita was made, they made sure to make it extremely hard in almost every aspect.

Maybe the Wii U could end up in the same position but it seems like Nintendo system have always been the easiest to pirate on or emulate.

Obviously, we mean the speed of a jailbreak solution on Wii U, we don’t even think they did the Vita that fast to be dead serious. Just goes to show how easy it must be to jailbreak Nintendo systems.

As much as we love piracy simply because we wouldn’t even be who we are today if it didn’t exist or at least know half of what we do, we do hate to see systems like this abused by it.

We also hope like the Vita, someone if they do figure out how to pirate games on the Wii U is willing to hand it over to Nintendo, thing is the Vita only had one hole to pirate games which Sony is now aware thanks to a rogue hacker who wasn’t happy with it and has fixed it, not sure how many options are available with the Wii U, if there is more that isn’t good.

Best of luck Nintendo, even though we don’t really care for you all anymore or your devices, we still hate to see anyone have their business compromised like this.

It’s not official yet though so no need to worry right now but honestly at this rate, it really isn’t looking good, if it has been this easy for them so far.



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