GTA 5 Online: Killing A Hacker Who’s Using Invisibility Cheat



GTA Online is the victim of many criticism at the moment thanks to the recent uprising of hackers throwing unlimited amount of GTA Dollars in Los Santos. Just a couple of days a go, a new hack is made known.

Apparently, hackers are now invincible! It is unsure on how they play around with the game’s code which give them such an ability. The GTA community are really tired of these hackers bossing the game. Worse part is, they are immune to death.

If you’re thinking of breaking that GTA 5 disc, don’t do it just yet. There is actually a way to teach them a painful lesson in respect. You might not be able to kill them but you can force them out of the lobby very easily.

To execute this, you need to have a tank. Once you’ve spotted a hacker who’ve been going around killing other players in an attempt to be the centre of attention, give him a couple of that cannon shots. His character will be pushed back and that’s when you run him over. Now, here is the best part. Park the tank right above him and leave it there. He will be stuck there until he quits.

It is indeed fun to show these baffoons who’s boss. However, do keep in mind that you will be threatened and spammed with a billion hate messages. Rest assured as he won’t do nothing about it.

The recent widespread of hacks in GTA Online has caused a lot of loss in the game. The economy has collapsed. Godlike players roaming on the streets. Game developer Rockstar better do something about it or they’re in for some major criticism.


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