Pokebank Flooded With Hacked Pokemon Already!



Life has always been a roller coaster ride. Sometimes you’re up, sometimes you’re down. This applies to highly successful Japanese video game developer, Nintendo. Months ago, a hype on a Pokemon Bank sparked.

The Pokemon Bank is a platform where players can save their Pokemon on cloud storage. However, the Pokebank is probably the easiest bank for anyone to hack. The security of this content has been overlooked by Nintendo and players have been voicing out their concerns.

Hackers make full use of Pokebank to bring in illegal Pokemon such as Wondertombs. By right, all Pokemon generated in Kalos came with a blue ribbon. It is like an indicator or an ID for the Pokemon.

Thanks to the some simple breaching and tweaking, now every Pokemon is a shiny. It simply spoils the balance of the game.

At the moment, the Pokemon banks are only available in Japan. Pokemon X & Y players from other parts of the world are not that happy as they’ve yet to receive the Pokebank. The fans should remain patient as when the bank is released, it will be bug free.

As of today, there are many hacked Pokemon hiding in the Pokeball of their trainer. The loyal Pokemon players and fans trust Nintendo to get the job done. As for the rest of you keyboard warriors, if you don’t like the bank, don’t get the bank.



About Gregory D Evans

Gregory Evans is one of the worlds greatest security consultants. Go to http://GregoryDEvans.com for more details.
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