Thousands of Computer Experts and Hackers Gather in Germany



Berlin, Dec 27 (Prensa Latina) About eight thousand computer experts and activists are meeting in the German city of Hamburg at the annual congress of the Chaos Computer Club, the largest association of hackers in Europe.

Spying by the National Security Agency (NSA, for its acronym in English) and other U.S. intelligence will be one of the main themes in this year.

According to experts in the field believe the revelations of NSA former contractor Edward Snowden have aroused much interest in the subject.

The Snowden factor does play a role in that, after the revelations of Snowden, many people realized that we have not exaggerated in recent years, admitted in a press interviews activist Frank Rieger, of that association of hackers.

The Chaos Computer Club long warned of a massive increase in state surveillance and reduction of data protection does.

As keynote speaker, organizers expect the participation of journalist Glen Greenwald via video.

Greenwald, a close associate of Snowden, published the first NSA documents in the British newspaper The Guardian.

In several speeches and meetings, computer experts and activists discussed the possible political and technical to the massive U.S. espionage services of reactions.


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