How True: China Does Not Have Cyber Security Unit, Says Leading Academician

Believe it or not, China still does not have an elite unit to safeguard the Chinese cyberspace or, for that matter, a hacking unit to trespass into other nations’ online space. Leading Chinese academician Wu Jiangxing, of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, has hence called for the formation of an internet ‘border guards’; a unit whose sole purpose will be to monitor the country’s internet security.

The Chinese academician observed that due to the increasing threat in the cyberspace, a special unit will have to be built. Wu, who is also a computer and network technology specialist, stated that China is way behind other countries in the cyber world, the local media reported.


Noting that cyberspace is the ‘fifth battlefild’, after land, sea, air and outer space, Wu highlighted that China does not have a unit to take on cyberwarfare. The academician also said that other countries across the world have already built their own network warfare units.

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