Laptop drops from between a woman’s legs

A 28-year-old Cowdray Park woman’s awkward gait sold her out to an alert security guard when the laptop she had stolen dropped from her skirt as she walked out of a trading store. Mary Kutsanzira’s offence earned her an eight months sentence, half of which was conditionally suspended for five years on her own plea of guilt. Presiding magistrate Gladmore Mushove heard that on January 11, Kutsanzira went to OK Mart and stole a laptop which she hid under her skirt. The court heard that the accused person walked towards the exit door hoping she would pass through undetected. When she walked out of the shop, a security guard Zivanai Mangisi suspected Kutsanzira had stolen something since she was wobbling in an effort to keep the appliance from slipping from between her legs. Read more:


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