A website to protect yourself from cyber criminals

How could you make your family or your business safer online? UK Government has the answer and launches an informative campaign named Cyber Streetwise with a new, easy to-usewebsite that will help in the fight against online criminals. This campaign born from Government’s National Cyber Security Consumer Tracker highlights, for example, that : 1) only 44% always install internet security software 2) less than a third use complex passwords to protect online accounts 3) 57% do not always check websites are secure before making a purchase. Cyber Streetwise allows to do it, making possible simple but efficient changes to be safe online, focusing on 5 cautions: 1) using strong passwords 2) installing anti-virus software on new devices 3) checking privacy settings on social media 4) always ensuring to check that online retail sites are secure 5)download patches when prompted. Read more


About Gregory D Evans

Gregory Evans is one of the worlds greatest security consultants. Go to http://GregoryDEvans.com for more details.
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